Saturday, December 20, 2008

A perfect gift just for me!

I love perfume! I wear perfume every single day without exception. I think I get this from my Mom, she loves perfume. My sister, Courtney and I have both inherited the "love of perfume gene." I must say I don't wear cheap perfume. I'm not sure why, but I am naturally drawn to the more pricey stuff. Well, a few days ago one of my very dearest friends Autumn gave me the perfect gift!! She knows me oh so well!! It was a Scent Sampler. What is a Scent Sampler you ask? It is a perfectly cute box with nine different perfume samples and a atomizer. Included is a Scent Certificate~~this allows you to go back to Sephora to get a full size bottle of your favorite perfume out of the set! My dream come true~~Thank you Autumn. I really appreciate you!


Keyona said...

Cool gift! :o)

deb graham in La. said...

I guess if you have to get a gene from me - the "perfume gene" is a good one to have. That is my weakmess for sure. When I walk into a store I am drawn to the perfume counter.

Love you.