Friday, December 26, 2008

New Year, Lots of Changes...

As we prepare for the New Year, we are also preparing for Mike's departure. He will leave sometime in January for Iraq. We ask that everyone keeps us in their prayers. We are preparing the boys and are welcome to any suggestions to make this time a little easier for all of us. We are so thankful that Mike was home for the holidays. The boys have already said they would be "my big helpers!" Mike went last week to a briefing and received a voucher for a Daddy Doll ( I think this is such a neat thing the boys are going to love it. Check back throughout January more news on the deployment.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

We had a wonderful Christmas! Santa was able to stick pretty close to his budget. He brought Aaron and Mike a Wii~WOW has the Nintendo come a long way! Ace thought everything was "INCREDIBLE!" He really enjoyed Christmas this year. I loved watching his excitement as he opened each gift. Aaron was amazed that Santa left "goodie bags" that matched his Christmas PJ's. How smart is Santa? Mike was happy with the kitchen gadgets he received. As for me~Santa completely blew the budget! I received a Nikon D60! It is now charged and ready. Happily the Kodak Easy Share will be retired. After presents we enjoyed Beignets, (ben-ya`)these are fried dough covered with powdered sugar~~they are so yummy! We had a wonderful day enjoying all of our goodies that Santa left.


Hi all,

We hope that each of you are having a wonderful Christmas! The boys were so excited this morning. Aaron thought "Santa is a really clever guy!" and Ace thought it was all "INCREDIBLE!!!" Check back soon for pictures of our Christmas morning.

Mike, Carlota, Aaron and Ace

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A perfect gift just for me!

I love perfume! I wear perfume every single day without exception. I think I get this from my Mom, she loves perfume. My sister, Courtney and I have both inherited the "love of perfume gene." I must say I don't wear cheap perfume. I'm not sure why, but I am naturally drawn to the more pricey stuff. Well, a few days ago one of my very dearest friends Autumn gave me the perfect gift!! She knows me oh so well!! It was a Scent Sampler. What is a Scent Sampler you ask? It is a perfectly cute box with nine different perfume samples and a atomizer. Included is a Scent Certificate~~this allows you to go back to Sephora to get a full size bottle of your favorite perfume out of the set! My dream come true~~Thank you Autumn. I really appreciate you!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Question of the Day~~~

As I sat with Aaron at the bus stop this morning, we were talking about random things. We started talking about Santa and the things he hoped he would bring him. I reminded him that Santa would bring a few things he wanted, but the true meaning of Christmas was not what we got. Then he said "Well it is good that all the things he brings us is free, that way you don't have to buy them." I said "I suppose your right, Aaron." He stops and thinks a minute~~~ then says "Mom, does Santa pay taxes?" Right then the bus turns the corner. SAVED!! Maybe, just maybe I bought another precious year of playing Santa~!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Is Christmas Really Almost Here????

I can't believe that is is already Christmas! This year has really flown by. We have had a great year. The boys are so ready for Christmas and that includes Mike. He still thinks that we should open presents daily and if we get gifts from out of town family--OPEN THEM NOW!~~~ Well, I like to wait till Christmas morning. We'll see who wins the battle this year, I sadly have to say Mike has won it more than once~~I suppose when it comes to Christmas most of us are just kids at heart and how long can one say no to the chance at a nice gift. I also have to report that I managed to stay true to the budget I set. We decided a few months back that we go a "little crazy" with the gifts at Christmas. This year I set a $125 limit with each of the boys and have stuck to it, even a few dollars under it! I am so proud of myself, I have had to fight off temptation more than a dozen times. Not an easy task~~and for those of you who know me all too well I love to SHOP!!!