Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My David Beckham

For those of you close to us, we have probably had this discussion. Mike or should I say David has become quiet the celebrity. It seems that we can't go anywhere lately without people coming up to Mike to ask for his autograph. Mike is so funny---he goes along with it. Really we were at Target last weekend and a man walked up to Mike all flustered and asked for his autograph, but informed Mike (David Beckham) that he couldn't find any paper. It's crazy!!

Mike has started to coach Aaron's soccer team, so I am on a mission to find soccer clothes and take look alike photos. Check back in a few days...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Trip Home

On our last trip to Louisiana, we got to meet Chef Paul Prudhomme. He gave us a personal tour of his house and the kitchen that he uses to create all of his seasonings. For those of you not from Louisiana, he is a "famous" chef. Mike's Dad works for a company that handles his products and knows him personally. We had a blast and since we both had grown up seeing him on TV, this was an awesome experience. Check out his website to see what he has to offer or just read up on him

We are starting a BLOG!!

We are finally starting a blog. It may take a few weeks to get it up and running. We hope that you will check back to see our progress. We think that this will be an awesome way to let our family and friends see what we are doing although we are miles from our home.