Sunday, February 22, 2009

Elvis has entered the room~or maybe it's Lawrence?

I think that I have spotted Elvis! Well, actually it is Lawrence Naquin (Mike's Dad). Every Friday he thinks he's Elvis and so does the crowd that he sings for. You see Lawrence has an addiction, he is seriously addicted to Karaoke! Every Friday without question he goes. Forget family, friends or any illness he is faithfully there! He has become a local celebrity, as well as a crowd favorite. The boys and I are looking at taking a trip home while Mike is in Iraq, we will be in the front row screaming for ELVIS! So here's to you Lawrence~

Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm putting myself out there! I thought I would introduce the "real me." I have noticed in past blogs, I only put pictures of myself that I like or is at just the right angle. I have no problem posting crazy pictures of the kids, Mike or even the dog. Well, today I decided you would see the "real me" So here goes...

This is me without make-up.

Aaron cute as ever, Me what kinda face is that?

I'm the girl that wears make-up everyday, can't stand the closet doors open, has to have the toilet paper on a certain way, must have the shower curtain closed, can't keep up with laundry to save my life, wipes the kitchen sink out every time it gets wet, makes all the beds everyday, steam cleans the cars rugs, loves a perfectly clean house and keeps it that way 90% of the time, but, hates to dust. I could go on for a hour of all my "funny quirks." But, today I realized that's just me. Don't get me wrong there's tons I would change about myself , but I realize that some of these things are just me. They are what make me~~me.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Question of the Day~?

Ace~~"Mom, can you do me a FLAVOR?" Ahhhh, priceless, to cute too correct!

Friday, February 6, 2009

1 Goat, 1 Dog Sweater, 1 Dog Toy and Hershey's Chocolate Heart???

Well, Mike has been deployed for almost 2 weeks now. I think this evening I finally realized that it would be late summer before we saw him again. In an attempt to give us all a "pick us up", I took the boys to dinner and then we had to run to Target. Well, we were in Target hmmm a little over an hour. All was great~~Ace was sitting in the buggy quietly and Aaron and I had the best conversation. We got to the register to check out, Ace hands our stuff to the cashier, meanwhile Aaron and I are still talking, I move down and she says $62.17~~hmmmm I only came for 4 things. I look at the line 4 people had gathered behind us. I dig out the cash, still confused on how it cost that much. I think I'll just check once we get in the car. I sit in the drivers seat and look at the receipt~~1 goat, 1 dog toy, 1 dog sweater and a large heart filled with chocolate!! What!?? So this is why Ace was a sweet little angel, he too enjoyed himself shopping! So off to Target I go tomorrow to return Ace's "impulse buys!"