Thursday, January 21, 2010

Addicted to dents....

Dents...I've grown to love dents. Rips, scratches a small tear, yes those too! A few weeks after we arrived in Germany I noticed the "Clearance Corner" at the commissary (grocery store for those that aren't military). It is my new obsession. I try and go a few days out of the week, after I drop Aaron off at school. Well, today was my big score! Everyday I go I see an older man there. He always makes it there before me Ahhhhh!!! So of course he gets the good stuff! Well, not today Mr. Old Man! Today, I bought 44, yep you heard it right 44 items for $25.03. That's a steal :)! The best part was I had a few coupons that I was able to use with the already reduced items. I know, I know what and exciting life I lead...HA!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just for Aunt Spicy

Well, I've been soooo behind! So I gotta a little knudge, well, I would say more like a PUSH from Aunt Spicy! Thanks~~it was just what I needed. So here is a little update.

We are still adjusting to Germany. We start our travels in March. The winter has been rough. Our landlord says it's the worst in at least 10 years. It has been cold and snowed, snowed snowed!! Now, I should let all know I love snow, well, I thought I did, but now I have realized maybe I just "like it"!

Really, I do think it is so pretty, but here's the thing...we live in the next to the last village in our county. What that means for us is our roads are NEVER cleared! Our village is very small and is set down in the hills so we have to drive up hill to get out. But, with that said my new cars all wheel drive is AWESOME! The pictures above are ones I took on our way home. Nearly everytime I drive home I am in amazement of just how pretty Germany is. It is so different from the states. They don't have all the technology that we have, which means there is still so much land to look at. Not a ton of powerlines and cables. I love that! In March we have family coming and have decided that is when our travels will start. I am so excited! So here's to you Aunt Spicy! It was just the knudge (PUSH) I needed!