Friday, February 26, 2010


Who you ask in student of the month??? Yep my baby Aaron!!! He was awarded student of the month for showing kindness...Yep he makes my heart melt!! He has to be the most thoughtful little boy's I know. I'm not saying that because he is my child, but simply because it's the truth.

He always is thinking of others before himself. This isn't new to him, it is how he has always been. I remember when he was in 2nd grade, he came home and said he wanted to give his $10, to flood victims, (he had earned over a course of a month for doing chores), at offering during chapel time at school. Of course I was all for it, but thought it was necessary to explain that he didn't have to if he wanted to give $5 that was fine whatever he wanted. He looked at me with those big blue eyes and said "Mom, I know, but they need it more than me."...TEAR!!! :) So here's to one of my many blessings....I love you Aaron!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Swimming 101

Although it is the middle of winter here in Germany, we are so blessed to be at a base that has an awesome Indoor Swimming Pool! Last month I signed the boys up for swimming lessons. They both love to swim and are really good swimmers, but to me swimming is such a life skill. So for the past 3-4 summers I have signed Aaron up. Really, I signed them up here so that they would have something to do on the weekend, I mean it did feel a little weird to signup for swim lessons right in the middle of a snow storm. Any whoooo....

Our first few lessons went great! Aaron was doing great and his instructor said he would be right on target within the next 2 lessons! Great!! Music to Mom's ears! Ace is a really good swimmer for his age. I attribute this to Keyona , dragging always inviting us to join her and Lael at the pool. With that said, the swim lessons were set up much different here. So I went with a level that I thought Ace would do just fine in. Not too hard, but not too easy. RIGHT!!! After this last which I sorda pretended that he was not my child. Yes I did say that. He was a maniac!! Jumping all over the place, spashing water, I suppose normal "pool stuff", but he was suppose to be learning how to swim. As I sat there, I really thought I was going to pass out when he threw a diving ring and it nearly knocked a lady out. I smiled and almost turned my head, ya know like I was looking around for "that kids" Mom. But, I didn't I smiled and apologized. I have to say she didn't look too amused. After the class I approached the instructor and apologized for Ace's "wildness" and to my surprise she says "Oh, no Ace is a great swimmer! He needs to be moved up a few levels, I think he's just bored." Oh, music to Mom's ears, music to Mom's ears!