Sunday, October 18, 2009

We Made It!

Well, we made it to Germany~with tears shed and a few heavy hearts! Although, we had gotten so excited to go, I don't think it hit each of us until the minute we left for the airport. The flight was soooooo long or so it felt like it~~~~7 hours! It was good and only one round of turbulence. A few notes I took:

1. Mr. Pilot~~when you say we are getting a "Egg McMuffin" for breakfast, that's what I expect....Not something SORDA like that.
2. Ms. Flight Attendent, please do not wait until my WHOLE family is settled and then proceed to tell me that the carseat that my youngest is sitting in has to go in the middle not on the outside of the row!
3. To whoever did this~~when you tell me that I will get my stroller as soon as we exit the plane, but then decide that it is better that you send it with my 8 checked bags~~ummm....did you forget that I had a thousand carry on's and 2 kids??

Last, but not least....Why tell me I have to tote my dog around in his kennel, bring him to the gate, in which I am to board at, only to call my name over the speaker to instruct me that I have to go back to the main check in desk to drop him off, and then hurry up and get back through security so that I can catch my flight on time??????

Just a few things that stood out to me :).

We found a cute little house in a village called Linden. The inside is nice and has tons of storage~~rare here~~the back yard is so cute and the front has a balcony right of the kitchen, the view is a big forest! I love it! The front needs to be painted, but as we were instructed it had to wait till Spring. Over all it will be fine, smaller than we are use to but will be a fun experience to live in a village. We are on the housing waitlist, 4-6 months we were told, we'll see.

Sorry, but no pictures yet, I will have to upload them after we get our Household goods. Till then...TOODLES :0)


Keyona said...

Oh, I can't wait to see pictures. Lael can't stop asking to go to Ms Carlota's house before she remembers that you are gone. I keep picking up the phone to tell you stupid stuff that happened to me. *sigh* Miss you! Love you!

charlene said...

We spent last weekend with Syble and Chris and she told me you moved to Germany. I'm glad to hear you made it safely.

JJ said...

So excited for you! Can not wait to hear all your adventures! (Aunt Spicy)