Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And Finally SNOW!!!

Well, finally we have snow! First of all let me thank Mr. Weatherman for getting it right! The boys were so excited and it was a major "pick us up" since we were all down in the dumps with Mike leaving. Aaron was released early from school so after picking him up, home we headed to get geared up for our first snowball fight! Aaron couldn't wait to get the first throw in! We walked all around the base~~we wanted to be the first to step in the fresh snow~it was GREAT! Since Mike was unable to be here, we took Daddy Doll out to play too. He also enjoyed playing in the snow!


The Carneys said...

Great pictures! Still not too sad that I didn't go.. but I would have made the cocoa if you would have stopped by! haha maybe next time?!

Artsy Aut said...

Im glad you had fun in the snow! Its just what you wanted! Too bad there are no good sledding hills on base!!