Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where does time go?

Ace has started Pre-School. I must say I was so nervous about this. He is the most loving little boy and at the same time can be the wildest monkey in the ZOO! He has gone 3 weeks now. By the 2nd week I had talked to the teacher about Ace, she said he was still in his "transition" period. As a parent all I heard was he is not getting the routine. I thought great, my child is that one the one that the other parents look at funny as he approaches the class. Well, by the end of the 3rd week the teacher said Ace's "transition" was going much better--umm he is not as bad?? On Friday when I went to pick him up I got the briefing from the teacher. As I am listening to her, my eyes fill with tears. I look at her and tell her I am going through a "transition"! Honestly, she must have thought I needed medication, but all of the sudden I realized that Ace was at school and loved it. I was so sad and yet so happy. I suppose I wanted him to scream and cry when I dropped him off. Instead the "Big Boy" he is said " Bye Mommy I love you, have a good day." I can't believe that he is already 3!

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Artsy Aut said...

he looks like such a big boy! I bet he is great in class, its really hard not to love Ace!