Sunday, January 22, 2012

The stomach virus, nothing exciting and ready to know...

This week didn't start out too well. I woke up with the stomach virus! UGH!!! It was not fun. I had to take off work of course, did I mention Aaron had it for 2 days last week? I'm hoping it's done! We didn't really do much this week other than work and school. We know that we are most likely moving back to the United States sometime between August and October. Not knowing where we are going stresses me out! I think of all the places "I hope we might go", but ultimately know we will go where we are needed.

On another note, we had a meeting with Ace's teacher. He had a really rough week last week. The meeting was great. She let us know that Ace's academic level is 2nd grade 4-5 months in. He's in 1st grade though. He's so smart! The biggest challenge has been maturity. He is one of the youngest in the class. But, I know that will come full circle in the next few years. For now I will be one proud Momma to have a smart boy! Aaron had a sleepover birthday party to go to. I know he had fun, but I really missed him. Yes, I'm that Mom that misses her boys when they go for sleepovers...I admit it! I will never be the Mom to say I can't wait till they are gone. I dream of having my family live within a few miles of me with their families. I love my family to pieces :)! I know this isn't the most exciting blog post, but I'm really trying to do at least one post a week! ;)

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